Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Kicks 4 Kidz" - What To Do!!

Hey Everyone! First, allow me to say THANK YOU for your interest in "Kicks 4 Kidz"! I am so happy so many people want to help out. I am in the process of establishing a KFK website and organization, but until that happens, here is what you need to do if you want to donate shoes. I will also continue to update this blog with pictures and stories...I've been pretty lame about updating..sorry for that!


NC24, B Co 490th CA BN
APO, AE 09312

Operation "KICKS 4 KIDZ" - questions answered....let's roll!

*Any and all shoes are needed. Several people have asked if they need to be a certain type/size. Rest assured, the answer is NO!!! The most useful, however, are sneakers - light sneakers, like the ones sold very cheaply at places like Payless and Target. I started out focusing just on children but soon realized everyone has shoes they don't need or throw away! Womens, Mens, Children, Sneaks, Sandals, Slippers, Heals, etc...there is no limit. Also, the shoes DO NOT NEED TO BE NEW!!! But please wash them so those kind people in Iraq don't need to clean them!

*As I went through countless boxes in Iraq, I noticed the easiest to separate are the shoes that are sent together - as a pair! Please tie the laces so the pair stay together, and if they don't have laces, place them in a plastic bag (ziplock works well). Obviously, there will be a lot of shifting during shipping, but this will help considerably!

*Please send small or medium sized boxes. The workers in Baghdad, in the post office and those who distribute the shoes, have suggested the boxes don't be too heavy. This way, they can be transported more easily.

*For now, please send the shoes YOURSELF! Not to be stingy, but until I get KFK established as a nonprofit, I simply don't have the money to send all the shoes myself! Because the shoes are being sent to a military base, THE RATES ARE NATIONAL! And it's not that expensive! For example, I sent two boxes filled with roughly 40 pair of shoes, for less than $50! You will need to fill out a customs form that is available at the Post Office. BE SURE TO TELL THE POST OFFICE WORKER YOU ARE SENDING THE BOX TO A MILITARY BASE (AN APO ADDRESS) AND NOT TO A HOME IN IRAQ! Sometimes they get confused and say you can't send the boxes until you tell them it's to an APO address.

*YES YES YES YES!!!!! Most of the people I have worked with on this have collected shoes as well as monetary donations from people. The money they raised went toward shipping and that has helped A LOT! It's roughly $2 per pair of shoes for shipping so that may help you when figuring out the cost.

This is where it gets sticky...of course, they are in need of almost everything! But for this purpose, please only send shoes and socks on behalf of KFK's. Those in Iraq who receive the boxes are responsible for distributing shoes only. They receive other items but often times, those items are tossed to the side...I wish I could take everything but logistically, it's just not possible. There are several organizations that focus on one or two humanitarian necessities in Iraq...a quick Google search will probably help you find them. Also, if you know of a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Airman serving in Iraq - send them a package and add a few extras for the civilians they come across. This is a great way to raise morale and it gives them something to initiate more positive communication among Iraqis!

I am always sending random shoes so if you want to send ME shoes, and or donations on behalf of KFK, feel free. I will take the money, buy shoes, and send them. "Kicks4Kidz, Inc" is a tax exempt 501c3 non-profit organization!

"Kicks 4 Kidz"
12225 Hartsook St.
Valley Village, Ca 91607

I will make sure the shoes get to Iraq.

As for me personally, I am incredibly happy with the CBS Story that aired recently. If only other media outlets would talk to soldiers who actually served as opposed to "experts" and politicians who think they know, Americans may feel a *little* better about what is happening in Iraq. Clearly, it's a horrible situation and we are losing American soldiers and Iraqi citizens at an alarming rate. We may not be able to control that, but we can control what WE do - and that's what I am attempting to do.

Thank you once again!!!
If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me.


Anonymous Andrea said...

Hello Sgt. Collins:

I would like to begin by commending you for the wonderful idea that you have come up with to help the children of Iraq. I have had several close friends who have been involved in the efforts in Iraq. My husband owns a company that does overhaul construction on grounds support vehicles for the many areas of Department of Defense so we are also quite involved in the war efforts.

My name is Andrea. I am from Bordentown, New Jersey. I teach first grade here in my hometown. We are located about 10 minutes from McGuire Air force Base and Fort Dix. At school, we often talk to the children about the war because we feel it is important and also due to having many military families.

When I saw your story on the Early Show I was taken back by your efforts. I immediately wanted to take part and thought that it was a great opportunity for the children at my school to be involved with. In the spring I had the my students make cards for the injured soldiers. They felt so good about what they were doing. It made them feel like they were helping out and making a difference.

I recently contacted the principal of my school to get permission to head up a "Kicks for Kids" in our school. He gave me the okay and I am very enthusiastic about collecting shoes when school goes back in to help the children of Iraq.

I strongly believe that this program would also demonstrate to students how to be a good citizen and how easily, as well as important, it is to help out others.

I hope other schools get involved also~~

Thanks again for your help and dedication to this program!


6:04 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Addie,
First let me say thank you to you for what you're doing. I just finished watching a movie I recently rented called "Children of Heaven". It is a moving and wonderful Iranian film (not a documentary) that truly moved me and I highly suggest you see it too. The story was about this one pair of shoes a brother and sister had to share every day. I was so touched by this little movie that I wanted to start an organization to do just what you're doing. So I immediately went on line to see if there was something being done and found your website. So again, thank you for your wonderful help and I will do my part to do what I can.
Good luck in everything you do.

3:50 PM  
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